Monday, April 20, 2009

Whole Healthy and Virtuous

When I was growing up, I was pretty one sided. I mean I did not sway from anything that I did.. ever!! I liked what I knew and change.. well that was not me. I was happy and I assumed that the things I was learning was all I needed.. after all, if I needed something else..well God would have put it in my routine from get go.

This past weekend I attended a Women's Conference at Mt. Zion Church. Now let me tell you. And I will be honest. I can count on one hand the times I have been in an almost all African American church. And there is nothing WRONG, please don't misunderstand.. I was just brought up in a church that was majority white and still am. And we do things very differently and it use to make me really nervous because well... I wasn't use to it and like I said.. growing up, I never swayed and thought anyone could teach me anything else. I was very wrong.

I sat in a room full of women, different ages, backgrounds, ethnic groups and sang and praised God. And as different as we were, our goals were the same... getting right with God and gong to heaven. Now I have not JUST come to this revelation, but it was affirmed again for me this past weekend that I have so much to learn from so many people even at 36 no matter what church I attend.

Working to make ourselves WHOLE, HEALTHY and VIRTUOUS Women... that was the topic of the conference. We talked about spiritual gifts, making our bodies healthy but not putting crap in it, making our bodies whole, not hole, for Christ, dealing with problems and letting go and letting God handle them. It's the same stuff I talk about, the stuff I have to tell myself everyday. They were talking about what I have been talking about the past year. I watched women who were not afraid in the least to praise God.. they didn't care who saw them because it wasn't about that at all. They were one with God and all was good.

And let me tell you!!! Let me tell you how Satan works..... When my friends and I left that conference, we were pumped!! Laughing and talking and decided to go eat dinner to continue talking. As we walked into the restaurant, my cell phone started beeping.. text message... and I looked and said " Oh myyyyy.. Satan!!" My friend turned to me and she knew.. it was a person that I have not talked to since the end of last year. Someone who was NOT good for me in any kind of way who I haven't seen for close to 6 months. He was texting... and I mean it dawned on me right then. Satan does not want me or any of us doing what he knows is going to get us closer to God. He was trying to use what he knows was a weakness for me in order to throw me off. The speaker had JUST said not 15 minutes before this text

"A whole, healthy, virtuous woman makes the devil shake"..

As the text kept coming through, I will be honest... my heart ( which is not always good to follow) was saying talk.. talk to him. But thank GOD my head was alot stronger this time. I wasn't going to do it...and I didn't. Now I know this person and I know all the tactics.. lol... he didn't disappoint either but before I went to bed, after talking to a friend, I just prayed that God would be with me right this moment because I knew he was not going to give up through this night and that God just give me a peaceful nights sleep and help me remember the things I had learned at the conference. The night was good....

Whole, healthy and virtuous.. that's my goal. It always has been, but it was confirmed this past weekend, I am on the right track.

I hope you all have a great week!!! I love you and lord willing......

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  1. My Sister in Christ,
    I was truly blessed to read about how the conference, "Whole, Healthy & Virtuous" blessed you. As the conference coordinator, I prayed fervently, as did the women on my team that this conference would be "Life-Changing." Sister, you have confirmed that! Stay strong, and stay "Whole, Healthy & Virtuous" in the Lord! Minister Peggy Jones, Mt Zion Baptist Church, Albany, GA