Monday, April 13, 2009

Good Morning

This weekend was great. The kids got to hunt eggs at George and Jay's house (our annual church event), I got to clean a little, church was great and the weather was perfect on Sunday, we spent the afternoon outside on the trampoline pretty much all afternoon on Sunday. As I laid on the trampoline looking at my pecan tree, I couldn't help but think how God made yesterday so perfect. Not a cloud in the sky.. not too hot, not too cold. The blooms were fallin on my face from the tree and other than the sneezing it made me do, it was perfect!

The day got even better when I logged onto the Internet and saw that the captain who was being held hostage at sea by the pirates was safe and sound with American troops. I mean, it just really does not get any better than that!!

I pray that through the egg hunts, big baskets and pretty new clothes that I saw yesterday, that you really got a chance to hear and know what yesterday was about. I hope that as you sat in church, or with your families, you got to talk about how Jesus came here and gave his life for each and every one of us and not only that, but that He is alive and that He had broken the power of sin and death!! wow........ it is going to be a great week!!

I hope you all have a great day!! Seems as though we may be getting some rain today. Try to stay dry!!

Until tomorrow, Lord willing... love ya!!

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