Monday, April 6, 2009


Hey everyone!! I'm back!!!! And let me tell you, Disney World is the best place in the world. Even after a week of walking for at least 12 hours a day and running behind 3 children all wanting to go opposite ways, it was truly magical like they say. The stories I have to tell.... WOW. I saw 4 firework shows while I was there at night and it was wonderful. When they did the show at Epcot one night, I cried. I mean it really got to me. But it was a good cry. I told someone yesterday it was like what want heaven to be like. Not a care in the world, the sky was beautiful and for that moment, I was some where I really wanted to be. It was as close to perfect as I have seen on Earth. I know heaven is gonna be a million times better!!!

Before i left, you know I had car issues. Well on my way home I was praying hard. I just wanted to make it home without a hitch. I got to Valdosta and the kids were ready to eat so we stopped at Burger King. When we sat down by the window, I looked at the car and I knew right then, we were gonna be there a while. There was water and green stuff (anti freeze) coming from the bottom of the car. Great I thought.. so they finished eating and I decided to drive to the gas station next door. And so we sat.... I got on the phone and started calling and everyone pretty much said the car would have to cool down before I could take that cap off. Great....... 2 to 3 hrs in the heat with 3 agitated children... not fun let me tell you.

As we sat at the gas station with the hood up waiting, I had a few people in Albany who said they would come get us but I couldn't leave my car so I found a friend who had a friend in Valdosta who said they would come and check so I felt fine with that. Long story short, he never showed up and oddly enough not one person who stopped to get gas asked if we were okay or anything. That got me thinking too. I might be here a LONGGG time!!! Then this guy just popped up after 2 1/2 hrs. And I literally mean popped up. And this man was not someone I usually would even talk to. I mean he looked really strange, scraggly, not clean, and he actually scared me when he came over. He told me his name was Dan. I made the kids get back in the car and he asked what was wrong. I told him and he started checking. As he began to talk, I realized he actually knew when he was talking about or so it sounded like anyway. He told me I would be fine, just to drive slow, not to turn the air on and told me what to get checked when I got home. As he was putting the hood down, another man got out of a car and came up to me. He asked if I knew how to get to the Albany Mall. I gave him an odd look and said " you mean the Valdosta Mall"? He said no, I have been there, I am from FL and someone told my wife and I the Albany Mall would be a good place to shop. I stood there for a second and just looked at him thinking " Thank you GOD"!!! I told him I lived around the corner from the mall and he said well will just follow you in case you need more help with your car. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.. as I turned around to thank Dan... he was gone. I mean literally gone. I looked for a car, something to try to stop and thank him and I dint see him. So I got in the car and the other man followed me all the way to the JC Penney parking lot, asked if I would be okay and went on his way.

I honestly believe Dan was my angel. Sound odd... well I don't care. All I know is that I was scared to death I would have to be stuck there for a while and he showed up out of no where to help me. God sent him, I have no doubt about that. Which is just another reminder to me that God is never far away from me when I need Him!!!

I hope you all had a great week last week, I know I did.

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