Thursday, April 16, 2009

Speed Dating??? Hmmmmm....

So I find this ad on the Internet that a hotel here in town is doing a Speed Dating thing. You know... you get all dressed up in your Sunday best, go into this room (after you pay your 10.00), tables are set up and then the timer starts. You go from tale to table (in 2 to 3 minute intervals) talking to men (or women) and deciding by asking one or two questions if this is a potential mate for you. :/

Now, for a minute, I thought to myself, " this might be fun", there is not a whole lot to do in Albany on the weekends, but then I realized.. naw, I'll just wait. After my picks for dates this past year, think I'll let God handle it this time!

I use to think that maybe not everyone is designed to be married but I think that thinking s really wrong. I mean in Genesis it tells us that God made Eve for Adam because he was lonely. So I think that is is natural to want to be married but I know for me, it consumed my mind so much to the point that I could not function unless I was dating SOMEONE, hence all the jerks that came along in my life. So I changed my way of thinking (as this was all just recently mind you). God can use me right now, as a single person while I am waiting on HIM to send the person that He wants me to be with the rest of my life.. as so it shall be.

I have been told I need to get put and LOOK for this man I am going to marry. Now, if you know anything about me, you know that I do NOT sit home. I mean granted I have children and I am home alot, BUT being as one of my children is of babysitting age, I get the privilege of going out with friends on occasion. Not only that, I have church activities, work activities and school events that I participate in. So getting out there is not a problem, but I have just decided that God know better than me and I am going to let him handle this situation. So, instead of "looking" for a man, look to God to handle finding you a man (or woman) ... and live your life! Life doesn't begin at marriage. You can live life now, abundantly. Pursue your dreams and put your skills and God-given talents to work.

I think Satan (know I KNOW) makes us feel bad because we haven't found that person yet. Something must be wrong with us if we haven't found someone by a certain time, and then we take ANYTHING that comes along, marry it, and then it doesn't work and we wonder why.

So be encouraged all my single friends (or am I the only one..LOL). Be smart, wait for the right person to come along. In the meantime, get involved in your church, start making differences. Teach classes, write books, plan events, grow as a person and most of all, get to know Christ!! There are alot of benefits to being single. If you have no kids, then it gives you plenty of time to be out doing God's work. And if you have kids (like me) then concentrate on bringing them up like God wants... all that other stuff will fall into place.... I have faith!!

And I think I'll pass on the speed dating! :)

Have a great day!!

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  1. Excuse me but does that say 3:47 AM???? Been missing reading you and yeah, speed dating..hmmmm...pass too!