Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Can we comprehend?

When we were in Disney World (you'll probably hear alot about that as time goes on) we stood in line for 75 mins to ride a ride called Soaring. It was the longest we stood in line for any ride in all the parks but it is so worth it. The ride is wonderful. It's like a ski lift. You get on, the lights go out and you are lifted to duplicate being on a ski lift except you are lifted over some great replicas of wonders of the world. We went over the Golden Gate Bridge, the Grand Canyon, over orange fields, New York, Las Vegas etc... and even as you pass over these places you can "feel" them. As we passed over the orange field, you could actually smell the oranges. Ad we passed over this beautiful ski slope w/ snow, it got cold. (Disney is GREAT!!) As we passed over the Grand Canyon, I didn't smell anything, but I could feel wind and the view was beautiful and I realized once again, as I have alot lately, how great God is, how incomprehensible He is.

Man attempts to comprehend what we can see with the eyes or what we are able to know. We have a God who is incomprehensible. He is everywhere, all the time. All of His wonderful creations are all over the place and I guess it has always made me wonder how people just think that some BANG formed everything. There is no way things just happened. Everything around us was formed for our benefit by God including the skies, the rivers, the stars and the Grand Canyon.

Things are just becoming more "real" to me. Not that they weren't to begin with, but I am just in awe of a God who thinks so much of me to give me so many wonderful blessings.

Even as I came back into town, I saw (and people had been calling me too) about the rain Albany had been getting. The water was almost up to the bridge as I crossed it coming home. I remember being in Albany in 1994 and 1998 when it flooded. So many people lost everything they had, but even with that, I can't help but think that God sends rain to replenish the earth. Without that rain (and I know it was alot!!) trees and plants would die, plants and flowers wouldn't grow. I just hold on to the fact that God knows what He is doing.

What a great God we have to shower us with so many blessing and show us His wonderful works!! I hope you all have a great Wednesday. I love you all!!

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