Monday, February 21, 2011

Yesterday, my daughter lost a classmate. He was a Senior at AHS, going into the military after high school so I heard. He had just bought a car and was at a car wash when someone pulled a gun on him, robbed him, took his keys and then shot him. As I looked on Facebook, and listened to Bri on the phone talking with some of her friends, needless to say, they were all in shock and very upset. As was everyone else that knew about it. It's one thing to steal from someone, but to take their life...well, it's senseless.

So I talked to Brianna about it, trying to see if she was okay and maybe if she had any questions. She really didn't, but her FB status said it all: " RIP Robert, this shows you that you can never take life for granted. Make sure you tell your loved ones you love them."

I don't think that any of those kids thought up until that point that they would not make it to see their high school graduation. I don't even think as adults, as much as we say it, really believe that this may very well be our last hour. We live like we have all the time in the world to make things right and honestly, we really don't. The time is now to make sure that we have done everything that God wants us to do. This life we have, it's not ours, it's God so lets not waste it. Let's seek to really fulfill the purpose God set for each one of us to have.

As I dropped Bri off at school this morning, I saw the kids walking in, most dressed in black as a remembrance for Robert Purvis. My prayer is that they all remember this day and from this point on, start really showing kindness and concern for each of their classmates. My prayers are with the Purvis family today.

Until next time, Lord willing...


  1. This post is so true, my friend. Kids don't realize how short life can really be and how much we do take our own lives, friends, and family members for granted. I am a woman of 52 years young (ok..53 in March) and just this past year, i lost my youngest brother (only 42) and two dear childhood friends that i had gone all through school with since grade school. One committed suicide. I can't understand any of it. As i type this, another friend from highschool is lying in bed at hospice with only a couple of days to live. I look back...and think of how we were so vibrant and resistant to all things, especially death. How wrong i was...that was the young and stupid thinking. Many lessons are learned only with time and age. This is one i will never learn or comprehend. All good stories come to an end my friend. Some stories are shorter than others and life is unfair. Very sad for your daughter...but it is a grueling life lesson that only picks up speed as we age. Tell her to always remember this young man in her heart. {{{{HUGS}}}}

  2. My heart goes out to your daughter, her school, and the parents of that young man that was willing to even think about risking his life to serve and protect each and every one of us in this country and around the world.
    My God grant everyone His peace to know that through every act of evil comes some goodness.