Monday, February 7, 2011

I saw a FB post last week that kind of disturbed me. Seems that a very close friend of Brianna's dad (someone I knew but was not close close friends with) had a heart attack on his way to work and died. He was with friends the night before, he was fine, no issues at all. Next morning, he was gone. He was 44.

I looked at all the postes from friends of his and even text my ex to see if he was ok. The consensus was the same pretty much around the board. They were just all in shock, not really understanding what or why and very anger. Been there, done that so I understood.

But it also, once again, made me realize how short life really is. He was in his early 40's and no known health problems and if he was anything like Brianna's dad, thought he was gonna live forever. Alot of us though think like that. But not a one of us know when our final seconds will be. All we know is that we are to be Christ-like while we are here. We can't live as the world lives no matter how good it looks, we have to treat others like they should be treated, help, live out the teachings of Christ and share His word with others. That way, when the times comes to leave this earth, we will be ready to meet God.

It's also a reminder to me to just not be so bogged down by "stuff". To make sure that the people you love know you love them every single day and there are no regrets.. no woulda coulda shoulda's. Our days are numbered folks, and God's time and ours is very different so there is no better time than NOW to makes necessary changes.

I love you guys bunches. I honestly get through most of my days knowing that I have wonderful friends who are always behind me. "Be blessed and always be a blessing".. you never know who you may touch!

OHHH and sorry Michele and Melinda on that loss last night... I was thinking about you! : ))

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