Wednesday, February 16, 2011

: ))

I am a basketball mom. Some days I love it, some I could really do without. The coaching on our team has not been the best and I have had my issues with the coach. But through all of that, through the girls always telling us how they really don't want to play with her anymore, the parents have tried to tell them that no matter what anyone says, you all are a team and you have to stick together... then things will change. And with it being a girl's team.. well, you know how it is when a bunch of attitudes get together... chaos all the time! So the whole season, the scuffed through, only winning 2 games in the region the whole season but even with that every teams STILL gets a chance to play for a spot in the region. So... last night we are up against a team who has won WAY more games than we have, but our girls are pumped! They told us before the game that even if they lost, they were gonna play hard, together since it might be the last game of the season.

Last 10 seconds of the game, the other team has the ball and our girls literally did something they have not done ALL season... they played defense and stole the ball. Lisa grabbed it, took off down the court and made a perfect layup. WE WIN by one point sealing our spot in the Semi finals this week AND State Playoffs next week! I had one of those head rushes that you get when you drink something cold really fast! They talked to each other throughout the game, if someone made a mistake, you could see them saying to each other " its okay, lets get back in it", and not letting the other people phase them or make them take their eyes off the prize. Just a little encouragement....

It was a good night for them. I pray that you all are having a really good week. It's not Valentine's Day anymore but I hope you are still showing encouragement and telling the people in your life how much they mean to you. Until next time, Lord willing be blessed...

OHHH and just in case you missed the clip on the news, our boys and girls are featured in it from last night.. It's Albany High, we are at the end of the clip and you will even catch a few glimpses of my baby, # 40 : ))

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  1. Go girls! Being a team and on a team is an honor.