Friday, April 23, 2010

It's Friday..finally!!!

Well ladies, made it through another work week. Praise God! And it's been a really really long one too. Had to get ready for the final hooray for basketball.. the banquet. So lots of running around for that and then, day of the banquet, I am headed to Sam's and what happens, a 16 year old in a brand new mustang pulls out in front of me and BAM. Thank God no one was hurt, both cars are drivable and for me, it wasn't my fault although I felt and feel so sorry for him. He was so scared. Turned 16 6 months ago and this made his third accident.. first one he totaled the car. So I imagine he will lose his license on this one... sigh.

I think maybe the accident made me melt down or something because the mood has not been the best this week, but I made it anyway with the prayers and help from a few friends. Thanks guys!!! The weekend is going to be a good one.. I am going to make it so! Plus I am taking a few days off next week to just sit and do nothing.. maybe finish all those books I started.....

I love you all bunches. Have a wonderful, safe weekend and until next time, be blessed!!

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