Monday, March 22, 2010

I posted this on my Facebook page last night and I just thought I would put it here too..sorry for the ones who already saw it.

People everywhere just want to be happy. people look for success, money or a good relationship to make them happy, but these things usually only provide a temporary happiness. It never lasts very long." The " happiness" that people feel is a great motivation for the things that they do each day. I was told this weekend that happiness, the happiness I feel right now has always been inside me, I just had not let it out. I honestly believe that God is the only one that can bring true happiness.. the kind that will never go away, it's always there, never changing. I do think though that God allows certain people on our lives to help bring that happiness to the surface. Not that the person (or people) have total control over the happiness, but they simply know how to bring the best out in us when we can't seem to find it ourselves. And I think that's ok. I'm just really blessed that God has seen fit to bring the people in my life that are here.

I went to my aunt's funeral in Jacksonville this weekend. Not the easiest thing in the world, but I got through it. My aunt was a godly woman, that's for sure and that was shown by all the wonderful words that were spoken about her. She was blessed and happy.. because God was the focus of her entire life.I spent the rest of my weekend in Palm Coast, seeing a really good friend of mine. And although the weekend had some sadness in it, it was really really good. I got to do alot of talking and thinking and once again, God reminded me of how blessed I really am. Thanks for all the prayers and calls! And if I could, let me ask again for some more prayers. I have a cousin, he's about 24 or 25 who no one has seen since yesterday. Just say a prayer that they find him safe and sound!

Until next time, Lord willing...

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