Monday, March 29, 2010

Are you there God, it's me, Danette?

Are you there God, it's me, Danette and I am a bit overwhelmed right now. First of all, I have this ex husband who seems to want to make my life on earth a living hell. As long as things are flowing his way, life is good. But when they aren't, boy does he know how to push my buttons. Problem is, I have yet to figure out how to stay calm when he does. I'll admit,I am alot better than I use to be, but I still have some major work to do. Anything to disrupte my life seems to be his goal so God, I just want you to keep me calm and make him the person you want him to be ..... and SOON!

Then God, there's the whole teenage thing. Now, you seem to have thought I would do okay as a mom since you blessed me with three of them, but I am a tad bit lost on this whole teenage thing. See, I remember growing up and my momma and daddy telling me how things should and would be. By no means was I perfect and yep, I made a mistakes along the way, but there was a fine line in my house and yep, we knew not to cross it or else. I keep hearing God, that we parents today are not as firm as those of the past, but I would like to think that I do what I can. But God, I just want you to make things better with us. And I know I know not all days will be 100% OK, but if you could just make things a little less stressful for the both of us, well I think BOTH of us would really like that.

And you know what God, I really like, nope, I love my job but ohhhh this morning was not good for me. You know me God, I don't handle stress really well so when it seems that everything in the office this morning was NOT working for me to get this really big job out...well you already know what happened. Sigh... seemed that my day was about to be set, and it was not good. I really need you this morning.

Then God, I realized something. Yesterday in church we talked about that Friday.. you know, the one before Easter and what happened. And I hear the verses and I can see in my head so clear that movie and the images it depicted. I realized that maybe my issues are not so bad. So I decided to just sit, talk a really big gulp of coffee and a deep breath and just pray. "God, you ask that I cast my cares on you, so I'm throwing all these burdens to you. Please carry them for me. Please worry for them for me. I'm too tired to carry them today. You do it."

Hey God, I know you're there, it's me Danette. No, I can't control the people in my life. They are all responsible for their own actions, allI can do is pray and ask God to help me deal with me and how I react to situations. My day will get better now God. I will do my best to reamain positive and keep my focus on what needs to be done. And if not, I am SURE you will redirect me .. : )

I hope you all have a really blessed Monday!

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