Monday, December 21, 2009

Through my son's eyes

So this weekend was going to be a busy one for me. Albany High is hosting the annual Christmas Basketball Tournament and since I am on the Booster Club Committee, I of course had to help. That meant getting there at 11 Sat morning and not leaving until close to midnight and this is going on until tomorrow night. So I got off Friday and started to get ready. The heating and air man was coming that day to because the hat was not working and it was gonna be COLD this weekend so I had to get that fixed. He came Friday, AFTER 5:00 PM (this is gonna be important in a second) and started to look at my unit. I was just praying he didn't say I needed a new one cause we would be in trouble then. After about 20 minutes he shows me some part that has actually burned through and said I needed a new piece. I tell him to hold on, go into my room and pull the part up on the Internet b/c I had to make sure of what he was telling me. So once I figure out maybe he knows what he is talking about I go back out and say okay, I guess I need it fixed. He looks at me (and here is where the after 5 comes into play) and says, " well all the part stores are closed for the day and I MAY be able to get it tomorrow (Sat AND the tournament) but this part is hard to find here b/c your unit is an older model. GREAT.. I almost started crying right there... its gonna be 30 degrees and now you're telling me that it may not be until Monday before its fixed...... sighhhhh.....

So he took my part and promised to call either way Saturday and let me know. My daughter who was listening, came out of her room in sweats, socks and a hoodie and said this was her night wear for the night. LOL.....That night I called my boyfriend and told him and basically broke down on the phone. So as he is trying to calm me down, reminding me of who is actually handling things and how it was gonna be okay, my sons were peeping around the corner and I heard them whispering.... So they came into the room (Tony could hear them through the phone) and Khaaliq says "Momma, what's wrong?" " Nothing Khaaliq". I don't think that he liked that answer too much and he said " Why are you crying, did somebody die?" " No son" " Are we gonna be poor now?", No son, and I couldn't help but crack a smile... I said " I am ok". So he looked at his brother and said to me " So those are happy tears?" " YEP, happy tears".. and he grabbed his brother and said " Come on, she is okay" and off they went.

Tony hearing this whole conversation, said do you realize how big that is for an 8 year old to have that on his mind, to ask those questions? I mean that's Khaaliq,. hes always like that but at the time no, I really didn't understand at all.

What I did realize after that whole incident though, is that God really is in control. I am an emotional person and not much will probably change that, but those emotions will not change the situations that I face. It is so easy to say and tell people to trust and rely on God, but to actually show it, well that is a different story and it takes true trust and faith in His promises for that. And also, my children look to me to be strong, to take care of them. If I am sitting crying like a nut, and they think things are wrong and can't be worked out, how much faith will they grow up to have??

Matthew 6:25 (Thanks Dee) - " Do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink, or about your body, what you will wear...............

God never makes promises He won't keep. We went to bed Friday night and I just prayed for them to stay warm. And surprisingly enough (well it was really no surprise) it was not as cold as they said it would be. We woke up Saturday morning and got ready for the tournament. As the day went on, I got a phone call about 3:00, it was the heating and cooling guy. He found my part so I hurried home to let him in. I honestly hated to pay for it, but I am so glad to have gotten it fixed. This morning the kids woke up complaining about it being too hot... are they ever satisfied??? hahahahaha

It was a long but good weekend for alot of reasons. I hope you all had a blessed one as well! Make today a good one and Lord willing,we will talk again soon!

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