Friday, December 11, 2009

Show some love

So once again, I watch the news and get depressed. One day I am going to learn, but this morning they had Santa Claus from our Albany Mall on there. He said that this is the first year that he has had so many sad request from kids. They aren't really asking for cars, dolls and blocks... but he said he is hearing from the kids how the parents don't have jobs and the kids are asking that Santa send them jobs. Somehow I think that when it comes down to little children understanding what is going on in the economy... well things are not good. That got me thinking that not only do these people bot have jobs, meaning the kids will not have Christmas, but they may not have food in the house, bills are not getting paid... things are not good. And that is not in some third world country.. it's right here in Southwest Georgia!!

1 John 3:18 (NLT) - " Dear children, let us stop saying we love each other, let us really show it by our actions."

Plain and simple.... don't be it, be about it. I have no idea where each of you are in your personal or spiritual lives, but I am asking you this, if it is at all possible, find a needy family, a child, whatever and do something for them this Christmas. Christmas, I know is not about gift giving and sometimes the world gets really lost in shopping, finding sales and seeing how good a deal they can get. And if that means that this season, you spend time teaching the real meaning of Christmas, then do it! It's not about spending a bunch of money because you really don't have to. But do something for someone, let your kids see you living by what you try to teach them. That it is NOT about us, not about them, not about getting credit from the world for doing something nice, but it's about showing and spreading God's love and putting others first.

I love you all bunches and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Be blessed and be a blessing!!

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