Monday, July 20, 2009

The Rescue Mission

This weekend was good, better than I thought it would be anyway. After having my air go out for the 3rd time in a year, I was pretty much not in a good mood by Friday afternoon and to tell the truth, I really didn't want to have to get up Saturday morning to go to the Rescue Mission.... I needed some rescuing myself. But, I had already told the kids (who never wanted to go from the start) that we were going so off we went Saturday morning.

The plan was to meet up and go to the Rescue Mission Thrift Shop (which I didn't even know existed) and help straighten it out, and then to the building that served food and help and attend their chapel. The guys and girls were separated and my boys went w/ my preacher to help throw trash out of the building while Brianna and I helped sort and fold the clothes that were donated to the Mission.

I watched my sons take buckets of trash out and dump in a big pile. I think that is the hardest I have ever seen them work. Even Brianna who does NOT know the meaning of folding clothes was busting a sweat. I was proud of all my children, but especially Brianna. Now, don't ever tell her I told you this, but she would probably be the one who needed to go the most and help someone. She tends to be really selfish and thinks that the world is coming to and end if she cannot have what she wants.

She never complained once and she was willing to do whatever was needed of her to do. As she was putting clothes up, she came across a bat bag. Brianna plays softball and she thinks she needs a bag to hold her glove in. She had been begging me for one for about 2 weeks and I just really didn't think it was necessary. Well she came running to me telling me about this bag. I told her I didn't even think I brought my wallet and anyway, this was not for US, it was for people who really needed it... never the less, I told her to go ask the man in charge how much the bag was. After a few minutes she came running to me and said " He said I could have it.. for free!" I am thinking to myself, no, we really need to pay for this, that is how they make money so I went to the man and said, " No really, how much is it?" He just looked at us and said " Your help and love is more than enough to pay for it."

After a few more seconds back and forth of " are you sure" and "yes", Brianna not only got her bat bag, but also the two bats that were inside the bag. She was VERY happy and as we walked to the car to put it in, she said " mama, they GAVE me this bag and they need that money bad". I told her I hoped she remembered that, not everything is about money, some things are about love and just making sure that you show God's love towards ALL people, even the ones that don;t necessarily look or act like you. i sure hope she learned that.

Then we went to the place that serves the food and where they have chapel. The whole experience was wonderful. I couldn't help but have tears as we went into chapel and I saw the men (and women) walk in. I noticed my children watching them, but never saying a word. They didn't have to say anything.. I could tell by the looks on their faces that they really had no clue that people in Albany actually lived like this. As the service began and the singing started, they all joined in.. clapping, nodding heads, eyes closed and praying. They were happy we were there to share in their service, in their lives.. and so was I. Sometimes I go to my own church and don't see the excitement (myself included) that I saw in them, and we have more than many can imagine. They WANTED to be there, they wanted to learn and be around people.

As much as I hate it, there are always going to be poor people in the world. Doesn't seem fair that some people have, and others don't. But our job as people, as Christians, is to make sure we are showing them God's love and compassion. The Rescue Mission may not be for everyone, but there is SOMETHING out there that you can do. thing is, you really have to get out of your comfort zones and do something different.

Yep, my little problems didn't really seem so big when I went this weekend. It actually made me feel like and idiot for even complaining about the air not working and how much money if cost to fix it. It's really not about me.....

I hope you all have a blessed Monday. I love you all and Lord willing, we will talk again tomorrow

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