Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just some thoughts......very random ones, but what else is new!

Yesterday at lunch, I ate with my ministers and another friend from church. It was kind of a last minute thing and for no reason (even though everytime they ask me, I go " What did I do this time"), but it's funny how they always know when things might not be going so good, like they can read my mind. But I felt much better after I left. Just talking, about the kids, work, me, just life in general. We laughed and I found out some VERY good info about the school my daughter wants to go to after high school.

Last night after Bible study, I sat at a friend's house and talked as we watched the kids play. It was nice and it was good to just talk and be open. You know you never really know a person until you do some one on one. It made me realize how sometimes I can be really judgemental at times. Always assuming things about people and never really knowing the truth nor even wanting to find out. When I finally went to bed last night (at 1:00 am) I just prayed that God make me more open minded and to find ways to be a better friend.

My sons spent the night with their dad last night. They called me about 5 wanting to come home.. they do that alot when they go over there. they love their daddy but I guess there is nothing like being home. I love my kids, but I shared the love with their dad last night and they stayed. The house was quiet....

I am a long way from having all the answers. There are so many things I do not know, but I do try.

I have a friend who is driving from NC today for the weekend. Say a prayer that they get here safely.. traffic is going to be bad this weekend. EVERYONE who is traveling, please be careful!!!

I wish they would let Michael Jackson rest in peace.. for real. Money is not everything... don't they know that?

I am really trying my best to put God first. When I make decisions, make ones that He would want me to make and not the ones that make me feel good. Those don't work anyway.

When you make changes in your life, good ones, you really start to find out who your real friends are.

Hmmmm....... my brain seems to be all over the place last night and this morning. I do hope you all have a great holiday weekend. I am off tomorrow.. YAYYY....Be safe and be blessed and Lord willing we will talk again on Monday morning! I love you all!!

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  1. I am so glad that Jay awarded you because I totally did not know that you had a blog. So glad that I have this avenue to keep up with you!