Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My daughter and I

My sons are spending the week w/ their dad as you know so my daughter and I have been chilling all week long. Last night I had to go to the grocery store and she did NOT want to go. She was trying to get home to the phone since her cell is doing something funny (not her fault this time). Anyway, I told her she was going, she sighed, but we went in.

She got the buggy and off we went. As I started picking stuff up and putting it in, she would run off and come back with a handful of "stuff" that she wanted me to buy. Hmmm I thought... maybe she didn't hear me when I said I am picking up a FEW things and not to ask me for anything. " AHHH No Brianna, I am not getting that." She didn't say a word, she smiled and went to put it back. As I rounded the next corner, here she comes again with this big grin on her face, handful of stuff again, never saying a word. She was playing a game.. it was SOOO funny to her.. so I played along again.. this time asking her how much all of it was... she laughed and went and looked and came back and told me. NOPE, not getting it and off she went to put it back.

Now I know you are thinking.. "what in the WORLD is this all about"? But it's our time. I don't know if any of you have teenagers, especially teenage girls, but this was one of our fun times. our 10 minute grocery trip ended up being and hour and a half, busting out laughing as we went down each isle, talking about just whatever came to our minds. Brianna loves her brothers, but enjoys the times they are away so me and her can have some "girl time". I enjoyed it too. It makes all those other not so happy times, just vanish..... she ended up getting alot of "stuff" last night too anyway... :)

Today I am committing to be happy, no matter what life throws at me. There are TOO many things in life that I have no control over, that try to control me, and the only thing I can do it make sure they don't put holes in my spirit. Things will not turn out like I want them too all the time, people at work will get on my nerves, my kids will not always do what I want and my ex husband is not always going to respond like I want him too. Happiness, MY HAPPINESS, is not something someone can take away from me, not today!!

I hope you all have a great day. Yesterday was beautiful!! I went to the gym at 5:30 Am and it was 62 degrees... nice!!! Lord willing, we will talk again tomorrow....

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