Monday, January 17, 2011

Thank You Dr. King....

Had it not been for you, chances are I would not have gotten my college degree, I would not have the job I have now, my kids wouldn't participate in as much as they do, I would not be living in a home that has my name on the papers, I could not worship with the people that I worship with and nor could I even write what I want to in this blog. Thank you for fighting to give us a chance to just be equal. My life would be so different if you had not done what you did. Happy Birthday!


  1. Love this post. Amen, thank you Dr. King, for making such a huge difference in this world, in such a compassionate, soul-filled, non-violent way.

  2. I love this post! I also want to thank him for having a dream where I could be allowed to have Mixed little angles to bring one race (The Human Race) together

  3. @n.lea, do you have some little mixed angels??? I have 2 nephews who are mixed angels too! : )