Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I got an e-mail for one of my kid's teachers yesterday about some concerns he was having about him. He talked about a bad attitude in the mornings mainly and how he had been writing notes that said "everyone hated him, including the teacher". I knew when I go the email exactly what was wrong and actually have been dealing with it for a few months now. So I called the teacher and set up a conference for this morning.

My son is having issues with bullying, and maybe not bullying in the fighting sense, but kids are picking on him because they think he is "fat" and have called him that among other things. It literally broke my heart because when he came home and told me the first time, he asked would I bring the treadmill out so he could lose weight and how long did I think it would take. Now, being someone who is over weight and have been all my life... I have heard the names, I got called them alot as a child AND as an adult, I knew exactly what was going on in his head. And no doubt that pretty much all his life that since he has heard me moan and while about losing weight and not liking being the size I am, it hasn't help his issues at all. Now my son is 10 and I know that he has not ever hit puberty yet. He has alot of growing and stretching to do, but in his mind that means nothing. He just needs and wants my help and I will in whatever way I can to make him feel better about himself BUT also letting him know that God loves everyone and not all people are going to look, act, dress or be shaped the same. It doesn't mean you love hem any less. But explaining that to a 10 year old... well.. you can imagine.

"Oh be careful little ears what you hear.... oh be careful little eyes what you see............"

As adults, we need to instill in our kids that God really does love us the way we are. After all, He made us all unique. All with different talents and gifts. If He wanted us all to look the same, He would have done it! I said yesterdy that Satan looks for way to eat at us, to make us feel like we have nothing and that we are nothing.. this is no different. Stop trying to be what you see others are on television and in your daily life.Kids will be kids and I know that but I also know that they learn from the adults around them. If we expect our children to grow up to be responsible adults, God loving adults, then they have to see us doing it.

I keep wondering when God is going to stop giving me examples to write about...

I really hope you all have a great day... "be blessed and always be a blessing!! "


  1. I think both you and your children are beautiful, not overweight. I love your perspective and turning everything to God, and I know how hard bullying is tough to deal with. Any chance of working it out with his teachers?

  2. Thanks....

    and actually I went to talk to the teachers, principal and counslors. They all know what is going on, parents are going to be called and he has people he can go to at school if anything happens again. Its just really sad kids have to go thru this and that kids do this to them. With evrything else they have todeal with, its just alot ya know but its all going to be okay. I have faith!!

  3. This so reminds me of the Jordan Sparks song. God loves Ugly. I say that because people view being bigger as ugly but really I find it beautiful the character you are helping develope in your children.