Monday, January 24, 2011

My daughter turned 16 this past Friday. She had games Friday and Saturday night so we decided to just have dinner on Sunday night. I invited just a few friends, nothing really big, but I also invited her dad and his girlfriend. It's no real secret that we haven't gotten along for a while, but Bri was turning 16, she asked would I invite him, so I did. He told us earlier in the week that he would be there. She was excited although she didn't act like it and me... well I wasn't holding my breath, after all if WAS football playoff night ya know.

Sunday came and we all met at the restaurant and low and behold, he and his girlfriend walked in, ON TIME. A friend of mine who was there I think was almost in as much shock as I was to see him. lol. As we talked, I was again amazed that he was actually carrying on conversations with me, talking to Brianna and just having a really good time.

I know that things don't happen over night and they take time to develop, but Ecclesiastes talks about there being a time for everything. I just pray that this is a time for change in the relationship between my daughter and her dad and that they both are willing to work hard and not give up. With as many things that may not have gone right this weekend for me, yesterday made it all better. thank you Lord!!

I pray you all had a wonderful weekend. I love cold weather but I think I am about ready for Spring to arrive. Until next time, Lord willing, be blessed my friends.....

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