Monday, January 3, 2011

I was on Facebook the day before New Years and all I saw was " Happy New Year" and how that this year (2011) was going to be THE year and that they were all going to do things so different and so much better.... Now,I don't do New Year's Resolutions at all, but that doesn't mean I down other people for doing them. I mean whatever works for you and keeps you motivated. But it kinda bothered me that on December 31st, people were already screaming Happy New Year. In my old age, I think I have become more of a realist and alot more blunt. Everyone was so concerned about parties, drinking and 2011, that they were forgetting that day, December 31st and how they could really be out doing something right then. After all.. none of us were promised January 1st on December 31st.

And then on January 1st, I learned that a man, his name was Curtis, who I didn't personally know, but had graduated from my high school two years before I did had died in a car accident December 31st on his way home. Later that night, I read that 2 men, ages 21 and 22 had died in yet another car accident.

None of us know the day or hour that anything will happen. We have no clue how long we have on this earth and I am not here for doom and gloom by any means but the fact is, this could be the very last e-mail I type. We could not make it home form work. We may not see our next birthday or see our kids have kids. All we have is right now so we have to make the most out of every opportunity we have. Quit talking about all the changes we are going to make in 2011. We have to "be a blessing". Seriously. Even when you think it won't matter, you think its too small, do it anyway. I cannot tell you how many things have happened to me, how much has been done for me, and the people who did it probably don't even realize it. I remember when I read my friend Pam's blog and she said " be blessed and be a blessing". I mean being blessed, I got that part. I want God to bless me when I do good and when I do bad actually. Always want things to go my way. But to go out and be a blessing?? Go out and intentionally put someone before me and not wait until I see an opportunity? And I have been trying to do that. Its not about having alot of money or material stuff because I don't. But just finding a need and acting on it.

I don't think that when Curtis or those other two boys got up on December 31st, they knew it was their last day on earth. I bet they actually had plans for bringing in the new year. Sadly, it didn't happen. I pray for those families. As much as we like to plan (myself included) tomorrow is not promised to any of us. But God wants us and more importantly expects us to use the time we are given wisely. Don't let moments slip by, don't miss opportunities to serve, to be blessing.

I DO pray that you all had a safe holiday. Please be praying for these families who have lost loved one and each other for that matter. I love you all and Lord willing, we'll talk again soon. As always......." be blessed and be a blessing"!

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  1. I try to be a blessing.
    My kids will tell ya I'm a pain in the azz tho! LOL!