Friday, February 26, 2010

You know, I really could not make this stuff up if I tried!

Yesterday was a day. It was good starting out but soon turned into not so good. But God, once again and very plain to me, showed me who was in charge. And it's really funny becasue I had JUST told someoneelse who is going through a really rough time to just pray and put her faith in God and that very same day, guess who forgot the advice she was giving.

The battery light in my car has been on and off for a week now. I had the battery replaced last week and the light never went off. I knew that I was driving to Macon this weekend for the basketball game so I was going to actually have it checked today when I got off. I left work and went to pick the boys up from their dads. As we headed down Slappey to go pick up Bri, my radio started acting funny. It was going on and off and I was mad. I just had that radio replaced last year so it sould have been fine and all I could think was I guess I will have to go have that checked tomorrow too. As I approached Slappey and 8th Ave, all the lights on my dashboard lit up like a Christmas Tree. I knew immediately what was about to happen.. it was going to cut off. MY full gas tank gage went straight to empty and as I looked to my right I saw O'Riley Auto Parts. There was NO traffic ( and it was 5:35) in the lane next to me so I whipped into the parking lot before the car shut down and as I pulled into the space, the car died. WHEW... at least I made it here is all I thought. With the boys in tow, I went in and asked if they would come check it for me. I explained about the battery light and he went to check it. Alternator is DEAD as a door nail. Great I thought, its almost 6, I have to pick Bri up and I have no car. So I started dialing and no one was answering the phone. Just my luck I thought as I could feel the tears swell up in my eyes. The man at the parts store must have seen me too because he asked if he could take me somewhere but I told him no I would find someone.

I got someone to bring Brianna to me and finally got in touch w/ Melinda to come and get me. Thank GOD I have the best boss in the entire world! I was able to go get one of the company cars so that I could get around. But now figuring out where to tow this car was an issue. There is a man at church who works on cars but I didn't have away to find his number at that point and Melinda didnt have it either. So I decided to take it to my house and if I had to tow it again, so be it. As we waited for the tow truck, kids sitting and irritated, and me sucking up tears because I KNOW this is gonna be a tad bit expensive, was still thinking. Brianna looked up and said " didn't you say you needed to talk to Mr. Patrick about fixing the car?" Yes Brianna. " Nash's daddy Mr Patrick"? Yes Brianna. "Well there he is." I looked up and he was walking into the auto parts store. I jumped out of the car and went to talk to him. Not only could he fix it, his shop was around the corner so it was alot closer so we had it towed there.

I had issues w/ my car once before on my Disney Word trip and God sent my angel "Dan" to help me. And once again, He didn't let me down.

Philippians explains is simple and plain: " And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus."

The car issues are simple ones. They can be fixed, but I was the one that needed the reminding again. There was no need to get upset or stressed. When I said my prayer, the stress should have gone away. God will always do what He says He will do. We may not get everything we want, but we sure get way more than we need!

I hope you have a blessed weekened. And really remember who is in charge! Love you all and until next time Lord willing....

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