Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Last weekend we went to Thomasville to see where we placed in the State playoffs. We went into the game in 4th place and ended up going to State in the 3rd place seat. Not too bad. Problem: the last game my daughter did not play. Now mind you, she is a freshman who made the varsity team. Not many freshmen do that so she is very lucky. She HAS played games but she is of the mindset that she HAS to play all of the games every single second of the game. And when she doesn't.... OH MYYY you would think the world is going to end. This past weekend was no exception as she sat and watched but I saw her expression and I knew it was NOT good. She had this sour look on her face, never cheering as her team went on to win, showing very poor sportsmanship and I knew that when the game was over, I was going to have to speak to her.

Game over, we win and I walk over to the locker room and wait on them to change andtake her to the side. She is so mad she won't even look me in the eye but I explained to her that her attitude could be seen on her face and it was not good. If she wanted to play then people were watchng her INCLUDING the coach and if her attitude was bad, then she would never have to worry about playing again. That it was the coach's team and she could do what she wanted but that she was not going to always have her way. Now I won't lie, my words were a little stronger than that because, well, she had an atttude and it was rubbing off in her conversation with me! Ittook me a good 45 minutes to even get her to go out and sit with her team after the game but she finally did and seemed to be better by the end of the night.

Next day, I am on th phone w/ someone who really ticked me off and even through the phone, he knew I was hot! My whole attitude changed when I got mad and I didn't want to talk anymore. So I hung up. I was getting my hair done then and as I hung up she was done and she handed me the mirror to see my hair and as I looked I literally stopped in my tracks and what I had talked to Brianna about came back like a brick. My madness, my irritation, my attitude was ALL over my face. As I left the shop, I called back to apologize but the scar was already there.

God's word says be thankful for everything. We have no control over every situaton in our lives, like I explained to Bri, but we have to maek the best out of those situations. If we have the right attitude, God will work it out for us. We do not need to spend our days looking at all the negative because our blessings might pass us by. Our attitude should be the same as that of Jesus.... kind, loving, postive and forgiving. So we have a choice... we can have a bad atttitude, being anger and bitter or we can be humble to God, being positive with the right attitude.

I hope you all have a blessed day! We go to Macon this weekend for State playoffs.. say a prayer!! Until next time... be blessed!

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