Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A few weeks ago at church, my 9 yr old came out of his class, straight up to me and had this look on his face. He said " Mommy, my brain hurts from seeing him on the cross". OK, my mind goes into overdrive at this point and I look and him and say " HUH?". He repeated it and I said " Did you watch a movie or something" because at this point I can only think of one movie that would " make his brain hurt" from seeing it... " The Passion". So I went down to his class to see exactly what he was talking about. I was pretty much right.. they had listened to a song and seen some clips of when Jesus was hung on the cross. I think, as his teacher said, we teach our kids to color Jesus on the cross and it's all rosy and pretty and as they get older, that's what they think it was like. But truth be known, it was very painful and Chris endured alot so that we couild have eternal life.

I really like The Passion of the Christ. Brianna watched it when it came out and I made her think enough to ask questions. The same with my son a few weeks ago. Now I am not saying let your 2 yr old watch the Passion, that would be a bit much, but consider what we do let the veiw or listen to. Cartoons that are NOT like the ones we grew up on, songs that, yes, even my 8 yr old knows word for word, magazines, pictures, you name it, they have either seen or heard about it. So why not teach them about Christ the same way? That is the one thing we do not need to shelter our kids from. I mean they need to know the truth about the cross. How in Matthew 27, Jesus was spit on and called names. That they made a crown of thorns and pushed it on his head until he bled, that they beat and tortured him, that they actually took real nails, and banged them into his hands and feet and hung him up to die..... and NOT for any crime he had committed but because he loved us SOOO much, that he gave his own life for us.

As I sat in that room where Christian's teacher showed me what he saw, I cried. I cry everytime I watch that movie and I have seen it alot, so I imagine his little brain was really working too. He did ask me questions, in his own time as he thought about it and I answered everyone as best I could and showed him in the Bible where it talked about it. It upset him to think that they killed Jesus for no reason and I THINK he understood why Jesus chose to do it.. and he seems ok.

The Bible says " train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it." Not just training in everyday life. How to cook, clean and be nice to everyone, but also Biblical training. Making sure they have the knowledge and training that God wants them to have in order to grow and learn and be able to teach their friends about Christ.

I hope and pray you all have a blessed rest of the week. Tonight start the Region tournament for basketball for Brianna. She' a bit under the weather but we are going just the same. Have a wonderful day and until next time Lord willing....

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