Monday, February 15, 2010

I am not perfect. Surprise. I make lots of mistakes and not always the right decisions. But they are mine. Lately, well for a while now,I have been kinda doing my own thing and I think it has thrown some people off. My favorite saying is (well I have 2 actually) is.." it's not about you". I realize that life is not about me. Our goal in life is the teach other about Christ, to make sure that anyone who does not know about God learns and goes to heaven. In the middle of that though, life happens and we are suddenly thrown off track. A few weeks ago in our Wednesday night class at church, we did this prayer thing. Everyone was seated at tables and we went around and prayed and talked to God whoever we do it. Now I am not nor have I ever been big on " formal prayers". I tend to do more talking to God like He is sitting right beside me. But there is no right or wrong way I guess. Anyway, on this particular Wednesday night, I guess it all kind of got to me. This whole writing thing just kind of came to me one day and I kept it up, but if you have noticed, it has not been muchof it going on as of late. That night at church, I realized that whatever fire I had when I started the whole writing thing had somehow gone away and I am really not sure why.

I know Satan is a powerful being and we definately under estimate his power. Right when we think things are going good, and that we finally have it all figured out he finds a way to knock us down and make us THINK we cannot do or ever do any better. Now I am smart enough to know that God is way stronger than Satan can ever think of being, but I am also human, and life tends to get to me.

Yesterday I had a conversation with someone and to be perfectly honest, I knew when I made the call, it would not go well.. at least in my head anyway. But let me say this, and I hope it won't be taken wrong but it's not about you, any of you actually. This time it's really about me if that makes sense. There are times I believe we as individuals have to figure out our own issues, with God's help of course, and the rest of us just kinda have to be support, not really knowing whats going on, but making sure we are there when needed.

There are alot of things I am unsure of in my life but one thing I know for sure, the one thing that does not change is that God is good and He only wants the best for each of us. That is what I hold on to when things don't always seem to make alot of sense.

Okay, I know this is sort of babble and may not make any sense but hey.. it's Monday, what can I say : )

I hope you all have a blessed day. The snow in SW GA was beautiful Friday, I got lots of pictures.. hope you did too! Stay dry today and Lord willing.. we will talk again soon!

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