Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So I started exercising again. It's been a week now. And I have been trying my best to eat right, but that part takes some time I guess. and it has been good. I have felt good, been sleeping good (probably from being tired) and I know that in time, it will all pay off if I stick to it.

And then I woke up this morning, opened my closet and just stood there a good 10 minutes I know as I proceeded to take out clothes and throw them to the side because they didn't fit, it didn't look right, my STOMACH, UGHHHHHH, too little, too big. And I realized that the whole "it will pay off in time, if I stick to it" was something I wanted right NOW and not in time.

I hate waiting. I like to be able to handle issues and do the stuff I need to do right when it happens. No need in dragging things out. I can't tell you how many times I have prayed to the Lord for Him to give me the answers I need. Of course when I prayed to Him, I wasn't expecting it to take years to get an answer, I kind of wanted it right then. It would have made things a whole lot easier for me I tell ya. But then I wonder if He really HAS answered me and I have so much going on or just don't like the answer I got, and wait for something else. In Psalms it says " I took my troubles to God and He answered."

God really does have plan and purpose for all of our lives and sometimes the things we want, may not be in those plans. God answers our prayers, not always in the way we would like for Him too, in His own and perfect time, which I have told people before, is not necessarily our time frame. We just have to really be still and listen.

I struggle with weight but honestly, I have never prayed about losing weight, or exercising or anything like that. I do however, think it's very important to God that my body is healthy. Now, does that mean I give up McDonald's fries or have to be a perfect size 6... ahhhhhh NOOO so don't look for me to, but I do realize that in order for me to be the best I can be in God's kingdom, all aspects of my life have to be in order. Not just the ones I pick and choose.

I want it now though. I don't want to have to do the work that goes into making all of this happen, but as with anything else in our lives, everything in it's own time and season and for a reason. I just pray God gives me the patience and guidance I need to win this fight too!

Babbling... that's how my brain feels this morning but oh well. : )

I pray you all have had a really great week so far and that it continues. Shauwan's mom is home from the hospital but still has more treatments to take so she will be coming back and forth to the hospital to take those so keep praying! God is listening!! Be blessed everyone and make sure you are passing those blessing along to someone else! Love ya and until next time, Lord willing...

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  1. very inspiring, and real.... i love honest real thoughts! keep up the good work, im about to embark on the same journey... maybe we can encourage one another and pray for one another to have strength and to rely on God to fill our emotional needs so we dont have to eat them! be blessed