Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Yesterday was kind of an emotional day for anyone who has been keeping up with the Casey Anthony case. I would say emotions were running kind of high as the court read the NOT GUILTY verdict for the death/murder of her 2 year old child. And I get it, I'm kinda smart actually... burden of proof and all that ya ya....blah blah blah. But she did it and it really didn't and still doesn't seem fair to wake up this morning knowing that after she gets MAYBE a year of two (probably time served) for lying to the police (which also doesn't make much sense), after her books and movies come out and she becomes RICH off of America, that she gets to walk a free woman.

But then as I settled down some, I realized, she is not really free. If in fact she did kill her daughter, her final judge will take care of it. THEN, after I thought about that, I thought about something else.... who am I to judge. I mean really? As awful, as sick and demonic as her crime was..... it really is no worse than any other sin that God talks about. I had to wrap my mind last night around the fact that when I lie, when I use the Lord's name in vain, when I have too much to drink and become drunk, God is not pleased. That there is no where in the Bible that says that one sin is worse than another... and I looked it up last night for a long time cause I was honestly trying to find an OUT for me... but nope, not a one.

And then I realized that, as much as it pains me and Lord knows it does, we gotta pray for Casey too. See, Caylee Anthony is already with our Father, I believe that. No fears, no pains, nothing. But Casey, well, like all of us, needs all the prayers she can get. Even the thief on the cross next to Jesus confessed and asked Jesus to remember him and He did. We set limitations in our minds on sins, the magnitude of them and how WE think they need to be judged, when all along, the Bible only says repent and forgive and that goes for us and Casey. I honestly am going to have to pray hard on this one, I really am cause all I see is a child being hurt, but I know our God is a good God and that He works through every situation under the sun, including this one.

Ahhhh, life... just when I think I have it all figured out.....

There is power in prayer though. I believe that. I have said it over and over. And even sometimes when I am so broken and can't pray for myself, I feel when my friends are doing it for me. God is awesome like that!

This morning, one of my high school classmates needs that prayer. Her name is Charlene and her mom, Zenobia is having her first round of Chemo treatment this morning at 9:15. These treatments are not going to be easy and will probably drain Ms. Zenobia for a while, but I know and believe that God still works miracles today. And there is NOTHING that He can't do. So I am asking that we have a mass prayer this morning. Pray for Ms. Zenobia that the treatments go as smoothly as possible for her w/ little to no side effects, for Charlene and her brothers..... that God keep them strong for their mother and each other.

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