Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hey ladies!

I apologize for not writing this week. I have been doing the taxi cab thing for my daughter. She actually got her very first job and starts tonight. So between getting work permits, finding works shoes and her just being a teenager, I have been running like crazy. She is excited. I am excited. It's not like she will be a millionaire from Burger King, but she is about to learn some valuable lessons and she has no idea that it's even coming. She thinks this is going to be a cake walk. The reality of still keeping a B or above average in all of her classes, playing three sports, still having to do her stuff around the house and now a job on top of it... well, lets just say, I think some of my fussing and yelling over the years is about to kick into full force. Say a prayer for her.. she starts tonight AFTER softball practice.. haha!

I love you all and no doubt, this work thing is going to make for some GREAT blogs in the future!!! "Be blessed and be a blessing."

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  1. Well then, I look forward to reading these future blogs! I remember my teen years working at burger king... IT WAS HARD WORK!!! ugh! But fun too I must admit. She'll do just fine once she gets used to the job and adjusts her time well. And extra prayers from friends and family (and strangers like me) will also go a long way!