Monday, January 25, 2010

This past week has been a really busy one for me. With Brianna playing high school basketball, I rarely am home before 8 on practice day and 10 or 11 on game days. And that would be 7 days a week. But this past week was a good one for Bri, she played well, seems to be taking high school grades a tad bit more serious and she turned 15. I literally can tell you every single thing that was said and done the day she was born... down to the phone conversation I had while I was in labor.

But this week, as good as it was for her, kinda hit her hard too. It's no secret that Brianna and her dad are not close and she really does not talk to him alot. But he called her this week, wished her a happy birthday and told her he would come to her game that weekend(the day after her birthday). She was VERY excited. She had told all her friends he was coming and they could meet him. Now Brianna is no dummy.. she has been down a road w/ him that has caused her lots of disappointment and she remembers them all, BUT she was still super excited to have him watch her play that night. Friday came, and I sat behind the team (as usual) to watch my baby start in another high school game. I noticed her look at me during the game alot and then at the door. I had already sent a text wondering where he was. " had a blowout" he text back and I knew right then, he would not come. As the game went on, I watched Bri go from excited , to " can we just go home now". We won that game which put is 2nd in Region playoffs, but he didn't show up and the look on her face showed it all.

As we drove home, I watched her cry and tell me how upset she was and we all know how emotional I can get , but I held it in and explained to her that sometimes as hard as it is, we can't make people do what we want them to do all the time. She could only make sure she was doing what she needed to and all else would fall into place.

As Christians we sometimes lose hope too. Life just happens and we start to doubt the promises God has made to us. But the Bible is not a lie and God does not contradict Himself. When He said ask and it shall be given, He meant it. He forgives and is faithful to us until the very end and He promises us the most important thing of all....that if we hear, believe and do what the Word tell us, we will have eternal life with Him in heaven.

For Brianna right now, it is hard to understand, even at 15, that what is happening here on earth is a temporary thing. Not everyone is willing to keep their promises and do what they say. I pray that she realizes that God NEVER backs down or goes back on His word and he always has her back and is always there!

I hope you all had a blessed weekend and have a wonderful Monday morning!! Until next time, Lord willing....


  1. My heart breaks for Brianna. Been there but eventually, I came to terms with my dad's shortcomings. It was difficult but as life matures you, things become a little easier to accept. Danette, it is so important for you to continuously remind her of God's love and consistency. Also, I know you will be there as a constant for as long as long as you can. I hope eventually you will be able to say that her dad was there and what a good surprise it turned out to be. I wil be praying because it is hurtful.

  2. Thanks Pam. I think she is hopeful of the same thing and I just keep praying!!