Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Yesterday Elizabeth Edwards passed away from her 6 year battle with cancer. I am not a real political person, but I would imagine that everyone knows who this lady is. When her husband was running for President, she found out that she (1) had cancer and (2) he was having an affair and somehow the affair got way more attention (even now in her death) than her battle w/ that disease.

Every time I saw her on TV, she was ALWAYS positive and upbeat about her home life and her battle with cancer and she didn't let either of those things stop her from campaigning for the things she believed in, even up until this past weekend where I heard that she was calling friends and sending out e-mails because she knew her days were coming to an end. In my book, from what I could see, a real class act, someone that I have not heard anything negative about.

I don't know if Elizabeth Edwards was a Christian, if she had some kind of faith she believed in or even if she believed in God at all. I DO know that through all the things she went through, all the interviews and questions that were thrown at her, she was always composed, never negative or hateful and seemed to be very positive and to me.... that can be nothing but God.

It's really hard to imagine our loving and compassionate God letting or allowing things like what happened to Mrs. Edwards to happen, or to any of us for that matter. When they do, God knows that our emotions are all over the place and we tend to start doubting. I think that's ok. We are not promised a life full of good, good , good all the time. As a matter of fact, there are several verses that say we WILL go through trials and troubles and that as sure as we are born, we WILL die. A hard pill to swallow sometimes when you see so much evil in the world and people "seemingly" getting away with everything. But the thing to remember during all of those hard times is this.... whenever we go through hard times, things we think we will never get past, do not cut off the one person who will not put us down, who will always be there no matter how low we get... God. And the other thing I do know is that even through the death of a lady who really seem to have a faith that I wish I had more of, God is gonna work like He always does.

Keep praying folks. For the Edwards family because those two little kids just lost their mommy at Christmas, for John Edwards... maybe he'll get some stuff straight, for the people who don't have it as good as we do right now. I read that there are over 700,000 homeless people in the US right now, this winter! Pray for each other. Sometimes, you just can't pray for yourself anymore ..we all get tired, but when you have others that have your back... well, you know. Just keep praying!!

Love you all and as always.. "be blessed and be a blessing". Until next time, Lord willing....


  1. It's certainly deaths like Elizabeth Edward's that make me "want" to question the process of things. Wow ..yes, she certainly served as an example of poise and positivity. I can only believe that such strength as that is God-given.

    After suffering this week from these female issues which have me out work, off my feet, and quite frankly....stressed to the max in my financial thoughts.....I have to keep reminding myself of courageous women like her who fought much much more in pain over a 6 year period. Six years? Oh my...I'm such a weakling.

    Thanks for beefing me up a bit this morning, Danette ♥

  2. Trying to beef myself up too Paige.... I am in the same boat as you wallowing in my own pity. Too selfish and ignorant to see that I am really not so bad off. One day... one day....

  3. I like this post. I am saddened by her passing but known that she is with the Lord, and her children,their every hair is known and counted by God. I pray that they will find faith and enjoy God's peace and presence in their every day lives.

    I think/thought I was the queen of wallowing, but your visit and comments today really brightened my heart and outlook. Thanks be to God for his blessings, big and small, I have a grateful heart.

    Blessings and electronic hugs x