Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Khaaliq is the baby and thinks he can get away with anything he wants. It was Friday, this past Friday actually, and a good day.. then I had to pick them up from school. The boys normally wait in the lobby for me but as I walked up to the door, Khaaliq was standing outside and said " Mrs Anderson needs to see you" and all I could think was this CANNOT be good because it's Friday and I know she wants to go home. Sighhhhhh.. so I truck down the LONG hall, Khaaliq in tow who is now telling me some story about some little boy elbowing him. This is REALLY not gonna be good so I prepare myself as I walk in the class. The look on her face told it all...

Seem that Khaaliq was a tad bit hyper and wanted to walk around. SUPPOSEDLY a little boy elbowed Khaliq. Now mind you, this boy sits in the BACK of the class ad Khaaliq the front. Khaaliq decides to throw paper in the trash and then proceeds to go over to this boys desk and tell him to "get out of his space"

Khaaliq is at this little boys desk telling him to get out of HIS space.....WHY KHAALIQ WHYYYYYYY. But it gets better... he THEN tells him that if he doesn't get out of his space (the boy was to my knowledge minding his own business) he is going to punch him in the eye. Now Khaaliq INSISTS that the boy elbowed him, at what point, I have no clue but all I know is that the boys stood by his desk (ahhhh where was he gonna go Khaaliq????????) and this boy, the one who lives with me, the one i gave birth to, punched this boy in the eye. Dear God WHYYYYYYYYYYYY????

So the teacher, who was just in shock because Khaaliq is a straight A student and really never gets in trouble, is NOW gonna get suspended (they gave him one day) and she is looking at me. I couldn't speak, barely move and all I could think was " where did I last leave that belt?!?!?!"

Long story short, I thought my hand would fall off from swinging so much or he would call the police for sure. Mad does not begin to express what was going on in my head!! But for as mad as I was that very moment w/ my son, I mean what a stupid stupid decision, I didn't like what he did by any means, but I loved him just the same.

That's how it is with God. On days where we mess up,. I mean REALLY mess up and we are not the lovable beings that God created, He loves us still the same. And that love is the same kind that we should be showing for everyone around us, even the people we don't necessarily like.

My children.. God love em (and so do I) : ) I think I just needed to get this one off my chest.. have a wonderful and blessed day all and don't forget " be a blessing"!!


  1. Love the story of your own life and love of your children to compare to God's love for us. Very good post!

  2. Christine, being a single mommy to three "active" children, I ALWAYS have stories to share..lol thank you! : )

  3. You are welcome! Saw the pics on the side, you and your children are beautiful! I can tell you are a great mother, your children are quite blessed!