Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It is almost time for one of what has become my all times favorite times of the year... high school basketball. Starting in October, the balls come put, the court is shined and tryouts start again for my daughter. She is equally as excited. She has actually joined the cross country team to work out with them so she can condition for the upcoming season. And of course, this means that me, as one of the Booster Club officers and team mom, get to start running around again. But honestly, I really do love it and as tired as I know I will be, it makes me happy to be a part of this time in my child's life.

But as I start into another season, I have to make sure that things don't "stay the same" as they always have. I said before that I felt like I lost some of the spark I had when I first started writing. I can remember going to bed reading a Beth Moore book, or going over what we would talk about in Sunday school class. I slacked off big time. And if things don't change, I will get right back into the same ole rut as I seem to have gotten in. So there has to be a conscience effort on my part and all of our parts to make sure that God is in every aspect of our lives. Not just a simple prayer in the morning or a quick " thanks" when we think about it.

I work with an architect who does her Bible study first thing in the morning, before everyone gets started with their day. She doesn't work God into her schedule if she finds some spare time, but makes Him the priority. We all need to. We can make excuses about how busy we are, how we have so much going on and that we are just tired, but maybe we need to stop and think... "what if God decided He was too busy for us? Too tired to listen and help us when we need Him." So starting today, even if it's baby steps, start giving God more of you. Make Him the #1 in your life.

I pray you all have had a good week thus far. Until next time, "be blessed and be a blessing"!!


  1. What a fun blog - thanks for writing and sharing. When you have a moment, can you make a visit to mine and tell me if you like it? Thanks a lot.


  2. I forgot to mention that I am in the middle of a great Beth Moore study "breaking free". Every morning I usually do my study first thing but sometimes I start with a little daily devotional called "Jesus Calling" and it is a great spiritual eye opener.

    Love your pics. :)