Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This weekend was crazy. It was a long weekend with the Holiday, my youngest son had his 9th Birthday party Saturday and my brother was here for the weekend. Alot going on, all weekend. By Sunday, I needed some peace, some time to recoup from everything and everyone. I went to church on Sunday, honestly, not wanting to be there. I have those moments still. You know how Satan messes with your mind and everyone and everything gets on your nerves? Well, I guess that was me. Tony went to church with me and he knew I was stressed and as I sat and listened, he held my hand as I cried to myself and thinking about how things SHOULD have been for me.

When I got home we talked some about the weekend and I realized that for the very first time in years, and I do mean YEARS that my brother and I had gotten along. Like I was the big sis and he was my baby brother. We laughed, talked about growing up, my parents (which he NEVER does) and even went to eat dinner together, no kids and just hung out. And after a weekend like the one I had, I knew that God had actually answered a prayer I have had for a really long time. And without some help from someone else, I might have missed it being selfish.

God knows and hears everything we day to him. The answers don't always come like we want them too.. fast and in a hurry, and if we are too busy in our lives, we might miss the answers He gives us. I'm really glad my brother came this weekend (although I missed seeing my nephew) and I really thank God for giving us the time He did.

I pray you all had a wonderful and safe holiday. Until next time, Lord willing....

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