Monday, September 19, 2011

If any of you have me as a friend on Facebook, you saw this last night, but I had to share it again this morning....

I went to pick Brianna up early last night from work, so the boys and I decided to go in for a drink and wait. I went in and started talking to Bri and another of her co-workers and this guy (about 28 or so I guess) came from the kitchen basically yelling, but really excited. He looked at me and said " Is your last name Washington?" I said yes, thinking that he was going to ask about Brianna being my daughter but he said " your mom's name was Barbara?" I just kinda looked at him and thought, he must have been one of her students. (she was a Special Education teacher at Albany Middle) I said yes. Then he said you had a baby. I smiled and pointed at Bri and he said yeah, I remember her having two pigtails all the time... lol. Then he said " I was even at her funeral. It was at that church off of Gillionville." Again, I said yes. With that he kind of trotted to the back. So I sat down with Chris and Khaaliq thinking about my mom since he had kind of put her in my head. Then he came out and sat next to me in the booth. He said " Your mom was so sweet. She taught me how to read. She was the reason I passed middle school. She was really special." I held back tears and said thank you for that. And with that, he went back to work.

God gave my mom a gift. And she did just what He wanted her to do with it, she used it to serve others. She loved to teach and she LOVED her students. I was talking to a friend this morning and she said people may forget your face after a while, but they sure will remember if you help them. And 13 years later, he did.

I was again reminded about what Pam says " be blessed and be a blessing." I have been so guilty lately of worrying and thinking about me. What is going on with me. The problems I am having. When are things going to get better for me. I have been so consumed, that I have let many opportunities pass by to be a blessing to someone else. I have said before, its not about the money you spend, the stuff you have, it's just about showing God love to the people who need it.

I pray you all had a wonderful weekend and I hope that today is just as great! Until next time, "be a blessing".....

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