Thursday, June 30, 2011

Be a blessing!

A few weeks ago I was taking Brianna and her best friend to basketball practice when we stopped at a store to get her a drink. As she came back out, I noticed 2 men coming out behind her. As she got to the car, the men walk on the side of my car, Brianna stood there and watched them, and finally got into the car. She started telling me that she needed .50 to give to this woman who was standing behind my truck (I never saw her even walk up) and that the 2 guys had given her their change and she needed some to give to the lady. That she told them she had just gotten out of the hospital and she needed some change (for what I have no clue). So I gave her the change I had and her and her best friend got out and gave the woman the money.

As far as that woman goes, she could very well have lied. Who knows, but I was really proud of Brianna for wanting to help someone. The Bible tells us over and over how we are to serve others, help those in need. It was the example that Jesus himself showed everyone. It is not for us to judge what a person will do with the help we give them. God didn't have that as a stipulation in the Bible when He commanded us to help only to "do unto others". And it's not just the people on the streets asking for money. I would be willing to bet that we all come in contact with people everyday that are in need of something. Doesn't have to be money, could be someone in need of a listening ear. But in order to figure all of that out, we have to be willing to put ourselves out there and maybe even in some uncomfortable situations. For those that are blessed enough to have more than what we call basic needs, for those that are good listeners, for those that can fix things or just have a car to take someone to the doctor, we should be more than willing to share what God has so blessed us with. Like i have said before, my friend Pam says " be blessed AND be a blessing" and I think that so many times we get alot of the first part of that and not so much of the second.....

I love you all bunches. I get a long weekend this week (4 days) and I am SO ready for it. Not doing much of anything, but even that is a good thing! Until next time, Lord willing....

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