Friday, September 4, 2009

You know, there have been times in my life where I have felt I had lost everything: every dream I had, All my hope that things would get better, I thought nothing would get better, that God wasn't listening to me when I prayed, that my life was OVER! And at that point I honestly didn't think I wanted to go on. Lately, God has started placing people in mt life who were just like me. And its not people that I personally know all the time either, but they are coming. and honestly, I am excited about that but it also scares me a little. By no means am I am expert on anything or any topic but the words are just coming out of my mouth and I know that can only be God.

I know we all have days when things are just not going right and we just want to give up, but listen, we have got to keep on truckin! As Christians, it is our job to help each other keep going too... we have to cheer each other on so that we don't give up or in. You may have to yell and scream it sometimes because I know I have a thick head sometimes and don't like to listen, but God expects us to not give up on each other. When you say your prayers today and this holiday weekend, pray God send someone for you to encourage and for you to show that God is really on there side!

I hope you all have a great SAFE holiday weekend. I know alot of you are traveling, so be careful!!! My baby's birthday is tomorrow.. he will be 8... and let me tell you, I remember the day I had him and they handed him to me.. all I could do was cry.. I'll probably be doing the same thing tomorrow.. LOL

Love you all and Lord willing, we will talk again Tuesday!

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