Monday, March 7, 2011

So last Wednesday night at Bible Study, we watched a video and had a discussion about what keeps people from coming to church, what keeps us from asking people to church and when they DO come, what makes them maybe not want to come back. Been thinking alot about that.

Then I read somewhere this week that we often get distracted with disappointment in our church. That people who have the most to say about an issue in church, often are doing nothing about it, well except talk about it. And we are not to get distracted by people's smallness. And I find myself often times, falling into these traps. It's really easy to get mad about things that are not going our way, even if the reason we have are good and valid ones. But our relationship with God should not be tainted because of other people's ignorance. Our goal is a simple one, bring others to Christ. It matters not about what kind of house they live in, what side of town they live on, money or no money, black or white. If we are not about people, we miss the whole point. Period!

So what's keeping you from bringing people to Christ? What has us distracted from the task at hand? It's time to quit making it about us (REALLY) and look at the real reason God allows us to still be here... relationships.

Albany had it's annual Mardi Gras celebration. Weather was semi nice, we had a little rain but it didn't seem to stop people from having a good time. I pray you all had a good and safe weekend... productive.

Until next time, Lord willing, "be blessed and be a blessing!"


  1. I can answer this easily, I don't bring people to a "church" because most of them are filled with folks that talk one way and act the complete opposite of how they speak.

    They talk a lot about forgiveness but they judge so much. It isn't our place to judge the sins of others but to love them and lovingly rebuke them to the ways the BIBLE says. Jesus himself said "let he who is with out sin cast the first stone".
    It really hurts my heart to hear people say that all gay people need to die or that soldiers are going to burn in hell for serving a country that doesn't punish homosexual acts. It isn't our job to condemn them but to LOVE them as we love our selves.

    THAT is why it is hard for me to bring people to church and to go to a building myself.

  2. I understand and have actually said some of those things before. I don't actually see "church" as the building though,church is the people that are in it. It can be anywhere actually.

    And although I do think that people do those things you said, I myself have done soem of those same things. I don't think I am a bad person, nor do I think I am able to judge. Only God can do that. But I think that God WANTS us to be apart of a family. And if we see some of that family making mistakes, then its up to US to correct them. Help them so that we all can get to heaven. ALL of us have sinned and fallen short.. that includes the people in that church building, so do we hide ourselves away so that we are "immune" to things? Can we honestly say that staying home and not going is beneficial to us and our families and it keeps us form sinning? Can we say that we have actually not judged before, made comments, said hurtful thing? I can't.

    I am equally as hurt by people who talk about homosexuals (since my one of my best friend is a lesbian)or that soilders should die (since my baby brother is in the Air Force), but I can't sacrifice my eternal soul for others ignorance.

  3. I know it is not beneficial for us not to be in service. We just haven't found a place that we seem to fit into.

    And No I cannot say I haven't judged. But I try to own up to it when I have done it. :)